Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yes, I am insane

Next weekend I will have 12 tenth grade boys in my home. Our church does a once a year weekend thing for teens called DNow. That means that with my younger kids and the college guy that will come to work with the teens we will have 17 people in the house. It will be interesting. We meet all the boys on Thursday night. (though my own tenth grader is working both Thursday and Friday nights) and they all come over on Friday. We pick up our college guy at five and then feed him (and our own kids) and get Shiloh to work at six and get Wesley to his host family and be ready for our boys to show up. My children have participated before and loved it. It's amazing how many kids in this town go. Last year it was over one third of the population of the high school and Junior high in this town. Many kids who never go to church come to this event. We have an awesome speaker lined up and an awesome (loud) band. So if you think of it, pray for us and pray for these kids.

The youth director today was telling us that several kids have told him that the best part of the weekend for them is seeing how a real family works. So many of the kids come from broken homes and do not know what a Christian family is like. We were told to keep this in mind in our intereactions with our own children and our spouses. The kids are watching more than we know. So pray that we can be a good example of a loving family for these kids. Pray for Marceli, sometimes changes in Schedule are tough on him. He will love the attention the older kids will no doubt shower on him, but likely he won't eat. He has gained back one of the three pounds he lost over Christmas, but he is still dangeriously underweight and is having problems staying hydrated. We will be going on our long awaited cruise the following weekend and we want him to be strong enough to enjoy it! We are taking his manual chair, and while in the orphanage he used it all the time and could go forever in it, the power chair has spoiled him. He took his manual chair to church and had a lot of trouble. He is weak from the weight loss and the use of the power chair. Pray that he enjoys this weekend and the cruise the next weekend.

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Kylie said...

Hahah that is very true. I know Marceli really wnats to see me!