Sunday, November 2, 2008


Paulina is my only girl. She is awesome, and I happen to think she is beautiful inside and out. She is in fourth grade. She does not like boys. She likes to say her only boyfriend is Jesus.

She lives for dance. She has two prosthetic legs and she wears them when she does ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. She does not wear them for clogging or for her freestyle solos. She loves Hannah Montana and cats. She does cheerleading and dancing and RA's and choir. She was born in Russia, but has been in our family since she was just a baby. We love Scottish Rite hospital in Dallas for the care they give her. The pciture in front of the tree is her halloween costume and you can see her at homecoming in her cheer uniform.

I am crazy about her!

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Deb said...

Beautiful sweet girl!