Monday, January 25, 2016

My son wanted me to start posting again since he did some work on my blog so I will, but this one will be a bit like the last one. I have a kid asking me questions about how to treat homosexuals when the Bible says it's a sin. So I thought I would share my answer here.

Number 1. It says engaging in the act of sex with another man is a sin, not being attracted to them.  So just the idea of someone being gay does not make them a sinner.

Number 2. It says that a man who looks at woman with lust in his heart is sinning. Looks to me like it's easier to sin if you are heterosexual.  But, whatever, the point is, treat the homosexual person having a relationship just the same as you treat the heterosexual guy who looks at women with lust in his heart.  If I see a guy giving a girl that look I think ewww, stop it. If I walk in on two people having sex (I will be honest, it doesn't matter who it is) I think ewww, stop it.  I don't want to see it. You may have different reactions.

Number 3. There are some other sins that don't involve sex. God doesn't really list one as worse than the other unless you count the 7 deadly ones in which case I am in trouble cause I think Gluttony is one and that's my sin of choice.  So things like gluttony, pride, jealousy, drunkenness, gossip, lying, failure to obey the laws of the land when they don't conflict with God's law (that means speeding, cheating on your taxes, etc). There are more but this gives you an idea. So make sure that you treat the homosexual friend the same as you treat your friend who brags about her kids, the one who has the latest gossip, the one who is a glutton (that's me!) the one who drives like a maniac, the one who is always wishing they had what they don't have. You get the idea.

Number 4. Jesus was asked what the most important commandment is, since there are tons in the Bible. Being a great guy he not only gave number one, but also number 2.  1. Love God, 2. Love others.  He said all the other stuff hangs on those two. So if you are a Christian it means you listen to Jesus first, and so you gotta make sure loving comes first before judging.  Course he also said not to judge.  So there is that.

Number 5. If you believe what you say you do. If you really, really believe God created us all and Jesus died for all our sins,  if you believe God can do anything and change hearts, then you have to believe that if He wants to change someone He will.  It's kind of like if you know a guy hiring people and you know a friend who would be perfect for that job then as a good friend you introduce the two.  You might tell the guy what a great person your friend is and stuff, but you don't do the interview. You don't make the decision to hire them or not. If your friend gets the job, you don't get evaluate how they are doing the job. You introduce them, maybe give some info and then it's between them.  You can ask how it's going, but you don't go into that office and start supervising your friend. You don't decide your friends pay, or responsibilities. That's up to the guy that hired them.  Our job is to love people and to introduce them to God.  He is more than able to take it from there. He is more than able to guide them to where He wants them. He has a plan for them on what He wants them to change first and how. No two people have the exact same relationship with Him. If you think you have to police everyone then you are not trusting God to do it.  God didn't say control your friends. In fact He did say you could talk to a friend if you are concerned and if you can't take it, then you walk away from that person.  Jesus didn't try to change the laws to force people to follow him.  Jesus never tried to make non believers follow His rules. The only people he got mad at were religious leaders.  So if you are trying to control other's behavior and faith, then maybe you need another look at your own, because you are not God. He doesn't need help and if He wants you to help, He will tell you.

Number 6. That whole plank and speck in the eye thing. Make sure your house is in order before you go worrying about others. I think Jesus is very, very clear on how we are to treat others, both in His examples and His words. He also repeats the stuff about judging.  So, I do have friends who happen to be homosexual. I love them and will keep loving them. Are they sinners? Well, scripture says "All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" so since they are part of all, yep.  But, so am I.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Updated look!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my updated blog! If you like the new look, you have my oldest son, Shiloh, to thank for this. He got on the site to fix some video issues I was having and while he was here, he decided to give the page a bit of a makeover. Let me know what you think!