Sunday, November 2, 2008


Marceli is my youngest child. He is 8 and in second grade. He was born in Poland. He was born without legs or a left arm, but that does not slow him down. He uses a wheelchair at school, but gets around on his own at home. He is very smart, he learned English super fast. He does have Reactive Attachment disorder, but we are getting help and he has really come a long way and is doing so much better. He is involved in church choir and RA's and baseball. (he plays challanger baseball, which is a special league, his brother Wes is his buddy in it) He is doing UIL story telling at school. He loves to talk and talk and talk. He also loves video games and his big brothers. (he also likes his sister but won't always admit it) he has a thing for little girls with red hair. He keeps us laughing and keeps amazing us. I will add a pic of him in his frodo costume at halloween and some others.

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Anonymous said...

Cute lil' fella. He is gonna grow up to be handsome!

(Saw your page from, im not a member but surf regularily)