Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have teenagers in my house. I actually had a practice teenager a few years back when my sister lived with me, but now my boys are teens. We are dealing with learning to drive. Very scary!!! We are dealing with girlfriends. It's interesting to see how a girlfriend can be a good or bad thing. One son has had the same girl friend for quite some time. They are very serious and very close. They really are best friends. Thier relationship has benefitted from thier distance. (they live two hours apart). She encourages him to get good grades and is proud of him for who he is. He will clean the whole house just for a chance to see her. He does not mind too much that they are almost always supervised. The other son has had several girls. His newest went out of her way to steal him from his former girlfriend. None of his are serious and I don't think they have been very good for him.

We are also dealing with extra curricular activities. One son is involved in a few things, the other is involved in tons of things. It sure keeps us busy driving and picking up kids. We are having to learn to budget time as well as money.
My oldest has also just got his first job. He will be working at our local movie theater. It's an hisorical theater. You can read about it here.
I am so proud of my teens. They are great kids and I am blessed.

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