Monday, May 2, 2016

A story

Two men, Harry and George die on the same day. They arrive in Heaven are created by none other than Jesus himself.  George runs up to him and says, "I have been a good Christian all my life, I was on the board of my church and went to church every chance I got, I am ready for my reward".
Harry, stopped and fell to his knees crying. He couldn't say a word.

Jesus said, let me look at your files. Hmm, when I was in prison, Harry, you came and visited me. George, you shouted that I should be executed.  When I was homeless, Harry, you bought me a cup of coffee and a sandwich.  George, you shouted at me to get a job.  When I used a government card to pay for my groceries, Harry, you smiled at me and told me my children were well behaved. George, you called me a mooch and told me I needed to learn about birth control.  When I tried to come to your country to make a better, safer life for my family. George, you told me I was a terrorist and should not be allowed in. Harry, you donated food and medicine to the refugee camp and offered to help me get settled in your country.  When I was in the hospital dying from aids, George you shouted that it was a punishment from God for my sin. Harry, you visited me and fed me ice chips. When I was an orphan, Harry, you helped me. George, you shouted that veterans should come first.  When I was a veteran, I visited your church. George, you looked at my tattoos and ratty jeans and shook your head. Harry, you shook my hand and welcomed me.  When I was a different race, George, you said I was equal, but wanted me to stay with my own people and secretly felt I was more likely to be a criminal. Harry, you called me brother and loved me.

George was sputtering. None of that happened. You lived long before I was born, if I had been around then I would have followed you.  Jesus looked at him, "would, you have?" He asked gently. You said many times that your families safety came first, would you have walked away from your job and your family to follow me?  Would you have risked prison and the whip and death?  George could not answer.

Harry was still on his knees. Jesus went to him, and lifted his chin to look him in the eye. Harry was crying, "I didn't do enough, I missed opportunities." Jesus lifted him to his feet and hugged him.  "You tried to live for me" he said.  Then he turned to George. "You lived for yourself. You used my name to make yourself seem like a better person. You never gave your heart to me, just your image, I wanted your heart."  Then he turned and walked away with his arm around Harry, leaving George standing all alone.

Note: I had this dream and thought I would share it. Take from it what you will.