Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is this election teaching our children?

Just a thought here. I have been working for years to teach my children that it's not OK to call someone names just becuase you disagree with them. I have told them you don't call someone names if they are different, if they have a different skin color, different religion or different opinion. But what are they seeing in the press and in the world right now? They are seeing namecalling.
Let's face it people, regardless of where you stand on the issues, none of the candidates are really stupid or evil. Yet I keep hearing people calling whatever candidate they disagree with stupid and/or evil. I have taught my children that they are to treat those in authority with respect. Teachers, parents, principals, police officers and someday thier employers should be treated with respect whether you agree with them or not. This does not mean you allow them to abuse you, don't get me wrong here. I just don't know what has happened to respect in this world. People steal signs from other people's yards. What does that teach children? I read an article about a nine year old child who was stealing signs from people's yards for his parents. I feel as a parent it's part of my job to teach my children that stealing and trespassing for that matter are wrong. Once every four years people think it's OK to suddenly forget the rules behavior? Just becuase someone is on TV does it mean they are not a real person so it's OK to call them names? What does all this teach our childern? Children are more likely to do what they see you do, than what you tell them. So telling your kids namecalling is wrong, and then doing it to a candidat you disagree with sends a mixed message and guess which message the kid will pick up? Always the one you don't want them to!

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