Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home safely from the cruise

I will post pictures later. I just wanted to post that we are home safe.
I picked up some sort of bug and so I am sick.
Lets, see our adventure began when we had to get the pets to the vet for boarding.
Paulina's kitten Aria walked right into his carrier. This gave her a lot of confidence. So she ordered her older cat Katchka into her carrier. Katchka ignored her. Paulina tried reasoning with her and threatening her and then left her to "think about it". Then she tried to force her in. Katchka did not scratch Paulina as Paulina is her favorite human on the planet, but she also would not go into the carrier. Finally Paulina gave up and I had the joy of getting an angry cat into a carrier. I am not her favorite person (except when she is hungry and Paulina is not around) so she scratched me and bit me. I finally wrapped her in a towel and got her in. Then we got all three dogs on leashes and into the car. Marceli's dog tipper is afraid of everything. When you put a leash on him, he collapses into a heap. His brother Sammy loves to go walking and was happy. Thier mother Sandy was excited about a ride in the car. I don't understand little Tipper. He has not been abused. He was born in our home. Granted his brother can sometimes pick on him a little, but they are also close buds. I guess it's just his personality.
Anyway, we get the pets dropped off, the minivan loaded (3 giant suitcases, 9 small bags, two wheelchairs and 6 people!) and we are off.
The flight goes well, though security is so much fun. With prosthetic legs, and wheelchairs and a cpap and computer, plus shoes and belts and watchs and then getting everything gathered back up!
We land and our shuttles (two separate ones, one for the wheelchairs that will only hold four people and the hotel one for the rest of us) take us to the hotel. (though we have to call one, even though it was supposed to be waiting). At the hotel we end up standing around with a whole bunch of other people all going on the same cruise. Bob forgot our confirmation paper, so they tell him that his reservation is for the wrong day. They just about convinced him it was! (when we got home, we checked and it was not for the wrong day!) Anyway, after an hour or two in the lobby (at midnight!) They end up taking us by shuttle to another hotel (we had to leave the wheelchairs behind and carry Marceli, which was fine since he was asleep) we pay 200.00 for a room (fuming since we assume they charged us for the night before too) and we sleep for four hours and then go back to the first. We run into lots of others who had late flights who got sent to other hotels. The ones who had confirmations in thier hands and made a stink got thier rooms free. Those who didn't, were all told that they were booked for different nights and had to pay. We are working on getting our money back. So we started our cruise totally exausted and frustrated. We get on the boad and one of the first things I do is take the kids to get registered for the kids area. The people working there tell me they don't think Marceli can participate, but that I can come back to talk to the manager at 8:30. I am pretty ticked. Marceli is devestated. The first concert is at 8, but I have to skip it to talk to the manager. I am forseeing the whole trip with a bored 8 year old who hates concerts. Hmm. Anyway, the manager is American and nice as can be and says of course he can participate. Whew! he spent most of the cruise up there, playing video games and such. He loved it, course we are thinking he could do that at home. Paulina did not like the kids area, so she spent a lot of time in her room reading and watching TV. (again, stuff she could do at home) Wesley wanted to hang with Shiloh, but Shiloh met some kids his age and is so into music that he went to lots of concerts. So Wesley ate and ate and ate. So really the only one who enjoyed the cruise for things they could not do at home was Shiloh. So next year if we can figure out what to do with the kids, Bob and I are thinking of going alone. Anyway, I am going back to bed, this bug I caught is catching up to me.


Jenny said...

I'm glad you made it home safely. And I think that an adults only cruise should be done next. Hey. maybe we can plan that as a future SNTPF get together. :)

Welcome Home!

Mike and Christie said...

Your post made me laugh. :)
Lorriane, thanks for responding on my blog about therapy/therapists etc.
I think it was really a good response.