Friday, January 16, 2009

Proud Mom moment

Last night I was sitting with my husband and my two youngest children at a restaraunt. A man came across the restaraunt to talk to us. He is a man who is well known around the communitee, a very nice guy and a prominant business man. He said he wanted to tell us what a credit Shiloh is to the Cliftex. Shiloh has only been working at the Cliftex a short time and is often nervous because he is the youngest employee. This gentleman told us how polite and kind our son is when he is working at the theater. It does a mom's heart good to know her son is doing well when she's not looking! His boss told me she was very impressed at how well he learned the history of the place and she has him give tours to out of town people.

Here is the link to the Theater.

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Mike and Christie said...

Congrats Fullers! :) It is always nice to hear those words of encouragement.