Monday, January 19, 2009

Adoption story

I was this weekend how we came to get started in adoption. I found where I had written about it years ago. So I will set the scene for you and link you to it.
We were living in New Mexico. Bob was loving the dry heat and the low maintanance front yard (gravel!) and I was missing the trees and the color green. The boys were like two and four, and we had coustody of my 16 year old sister. We were teaching sixth grade Sunday school, which happened to be confirmation in that church. I was volunteering at the private school the boys attended and running a clown ministry that had taken off in ways I had never imagined. Anyway, here is what I wrote, way back then.
Then we have a cute little thing Bob wrote about how he felt. Here
Later I will try to write about Marceli's adoption six years later!

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