Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home school so far

Well so far we love home schooling. I have started at times calling my lovely daughter by a new name. "Stallina" She loves to stall on things. It was a busy week for our first week, I had hoped to have a quiet week to start, but we had lots of appointments this week that had been made a while back. However on one of them we learned she needs glasses, so we will be getting those and I bet that will help her lot. Actually we already had two with glasses and will soon have four. We are not sure how we did that, four for four in the glasses department. We can't even blame the gentics (though I blame dh, he's had lasic but his eyesight before that was terrible!)

Anyway, we love the flexibility of homeschooling. Like sitting on the stairs to write a book report! She is doing a secret project for both Social studies and Science, I can't print it here since her brothers might read this and they are a part of it. We are also getting extra benefits. When I had blood work done as soon as the lady realized she was homeschooled, she took a lot of time to explain to her exactly what they were going to do with my blood. And when Paulina asked if they would then put it back in me, she explained to her how they prepare blood that is donated for transfusions. A free science lesson!


Mike and Christie said...

So glad you had a great week!
We did too. Though yesterday we had appointment day.

Anonymous said...

Ha have you had a good school time? I
have.I am liking school so far.I miss
you, Are you coming to family camp? I
hope you like your school year.

LOVE Erika Minich

Lorraine said...

HI, Erica, thank you for the message. Yes I have been doing good and I sorta like school. I am coming to family camp. See ya, Love Paulina