Sunday, June 28, 2015

Confession time.

I have a confession. I have been living a very sinful lifestyle. I have read in the Bible that it is a sin. Some of you already know this about, many suspect and a few might be surprised. Some of you may want to unfriend me after you read this because, well, though I know it’s a sinful lifestyle, I am not ready to say goodbye to it. Since I know I will continue to sin in this way, I cannot repent of it. I do have to say several of you have encouraged and condoned my sin. I am however grateful that no one has tried to pass laws about my type. No one has tried to ban us from places. Yes, there are some who hate me because of it and I have been called names. My real friends love me anyway. My sin is a big one, it’s listed as one of the deadly ones. I mean, I am good with the big two that Jesus talked about, Love God, Love your neighbor. I try really hard on those. I still consider myself a Christian and I still believe I am saved. Some say I am not since I am not without sin, but I read in the Bible that all have sinned. Also that he died for us while we were yet sinners. Plus I have had a lot of long talks with God, and He says he loves me. Crazy huh? I figure confession is good though. So I come now before you to confess my sin of gluttony. I know, I know. My head is hanging in shame. But, I am still glad that my love of bacon, though many believe it to be sin, they have not circulated petitions banning me from buying it at the store or from ordering that bacon double cheeseburger. While I know my Jewish, Vegan, or Muslim friends may be shocked at this confession and ashamed of me for my love of bacon, some others of you have actually condoned and even assisted me in this sin by cooking things for me with bacon in them. Some of you have even served those items to me in church!!!!! Then there is my love of sweets. Some of you post pictures on Facebook that temp me, I am only human, how can I resist such things? I have been sold cake by Christian bakers, in spite of the fact that this directly contributed to my sin of gluttony. I have been worried that there would be a law passed banning fat people from bakeries. Sure, some of my fellow gluttons could sneak by, some who have amazing metabolisms can stay in the gluttony closet. We could lie and say we were buying the doughnuts for a skinny friend, or go to a black market baker. I am so glad we don’t have to because we live in a country where we can be free to practice our gluttony. I do have some friends who while once in this lifestyle have escaped and turned their lives around. No longer are they trapped by gluttony. I am happy for them, but glad none of them treat me with contempt for continuing to wallow. However, I am not sure any of them did it because someone else forced them to do it. Faith cannot be legislated. A person can only change when they are ready to. A change forced on them is not real and will not last. It only causes resentment. I know, my own daughter has tried so hard to cure my sin. She does it out of love because she cares for my soul and for my health. However, this is a lifestyle change she cannot make for me. It must be my choice. Until them, I am grateful bacon is legal and there are no signs on doors that say “no fat people allowed”. I am grateful I am welcomed in my church. I am grateful that I am not lectured at church to repent from my sinful lifestyle. I am grateful no one slaps my hand when I reach for a cookie at church events. They love in spite of the fact that my sin is visible for all to see. Yes, they even bring me goodies, because they love me, all of me. I know God loves me and He and I will deal with my many, many sins together, if we need help, we will ask. Also because no one religion is in charge of the laws for our country, bacon is legal. I love America and I love the freedom I have to be a Christian if I want and not get shot for going to church. I love having the freedom to be a sinner and know I am still loved and I love cupcakes and bacon. Better close now, I have a text and I likely need to answer it, after all it might be a friend wanting me to encourage her sin of pride (my friends have the most adorable kids and grandkids on the planet, so it’s really hard for them not have that pride sin thing) or maybe gossip! I have a few friends struggling with that one too. I am sure that my sins will be the topic of their gossip sin for the rest of this week after I hit post.

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