Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching up

OK so a friend e-mailed me and pointed out that my blog is seriously out of date.
So first off, Shiloh on his first day driving got a ticket. He lost his truck for a few days and has been very careful ever since.
Summer was good, the little ones went to Lions camp and Out on a Limb camp at Peaceable Kingdom. Bob and the boys and a few of thier friends took a short trip to have some guy fun.
Fall was all about band. Shiloh was drum major. Our band came in first at area and region and went all the way to State where we came in second. It was exciting and we were very proud of them for all thier hard work. Wesley played bass Clarinet.
Christmas was quiet and nice. Now we are back in spring. Paulina started pointe with special legs, so hopefully soon we will have videos of that. Marceli is doing very well. Anyway, that's our update!
Oh wait, Angie and her girls moved back to Clifton and Angie is engaged to a very nice man.
Our band

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Mike and Christie said...

She is alive! LOL
Glad to see you blogging again. :)