Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sneak preview of Paulinas dance

Here is a sneak preview of one of Paulina's dances she will do Saturday night at recital (she has 8 dances) In this one, the stage will be decorated with moons and stars, the wedge you see will be decorated to look like a mirror, the dance teacher hiding behind it will be better hidden with curtains (she was trying to watch since this was a class) The little bitty girl you see will be wearing a baby blue dance costume and angel wings and a halo. She will also be more of a ham with an audience. So enjoy this preview. (scroll down and find the music player on the right and pause the music so you can hear her dance music)


Kylie said...

thank you veryy much,i did have so much fun...i want to hear it too! dont tell the kids but im going to try and plan a surprise day or 2 visit/volunteer during out on a limb

Mike and Christie said...

She is so pretty in her tutu! :)