Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This was 2007's jazz number with Paulina and Wes


Mark, Nichelle, and Elijah said...

It was fun to see these dances again! The kids have grown up so much since then. I can't believe the more recent videos!

Glad to find your blog via FB!

Lorraine said...

Thanks, I should give you credit for choreographing her first solo!
Last year she had problems with her legs in the fall, major leg and minor hand surgery in December and was not able to walk again until March, but she still danced with all her classes (older classes) except for clogging and did a solo. However, she was not happy with it. She is happier with this years. Her other one this year is to "Girls just want to have fun" We have a whole new studio with a stage and everything. We will have recital there this year, you will have to come visit one of these days. I will post more videos next week so you can see more of the kids. I think you will see lots of familiar faces and see how some of the kids have grown.

Mark, Nichelle, and Elijah said...

I'm glad this year has been better for her. I'd love to come visit and we've talked about a trip up there. Maybe in the fall. We're taking vacation time to see family this summer - as you know it's hard getting around to everyone! Glad to stay connected this way though. And the new dance space is exciting. I'm sure you are all enjoying it!

Keegan said...

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